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  1. under_hood

    I took this pic before I removed the scoop baffle. Lord knows why one of the body shops decided to write "under hood" on the bottom of the thing, but I thought it was funny.
  2. Second collision damage

    Once again, my other half was driving ... got into a corner-on collision with an idiot making a left turn in front of her. They had to "square the front" of the car after this one.
  3. Picnic table delivery

    Delivering my old patio picnic table to a small school. I scratched the roof taking this off, wish I'd had a more capable helper... Again, better off without the crossbars.
  4. On the bed of the Kokosing River

    Another scanned pic. This is on the cobblestone bed of the Kokosing River at Milwood, Ohio. Note the dusty rear window from driving on gravel roads; I regret not ordering the dust deflector as an option.
  5. Dryer delivery

    Someone gave me a dryer, and it fit in the back. The Escort in the background is my older car (still have it) and it has hauled many a large load in its day.
  6. First collision damage

    I let my other half run her daughter to a friend's house. While she was gone, we got freezing rain. Within shouting distance from home, she spun out and got t-boned by a Lexus that tried to ride over the rocker panel. When I first saw this damage, I thought it was totalled. The body shop had the
  7. Still has both mirrors

    Exiting the pine woods by driving between two rows - not much room to spare, it required very close attention. You can see that I'm driving across a slope, by the angle at which the trees are growing.
  8. Boatload

    My friend's Fiberglas canoe on my OB - without the crossbars, and with the ratcheting straps, it rides perfectly on the roof, doesn't shift around at all. Those two straps ride under the cargo floor all the time. The Delaware Reservoir on the Olentangy River can be seen in the background. Sorry a
  9. Vilano Beach, FL

    They allow driving on the beach - they warned me "stay off that red coquina" which is crushed seashells, but I never found anything soft enough to give the car trouble. It was fun to drive on the beach! And no, I did NOT run over those sun-bathers in the background, even if it does look
  10. Parked in the Pines

    Alas, this campsite is no more, due to the property changing hands ... but I used to camp in this plantation pine woods 1988 - 2003. It is nervewracking to drive among these trees without swing-away mirrors.
  11. I dare you to keep going...

    A scanned pic from 1998, note the car still has its paper temp tag. In Knox County, Ohio, there is normally no lake behind the Mohawk Dam, but they will impound water when there are floods in the Muskingum valley. The road ahead had about 6 inches of water; I drove it for about 3/4 mile to an old
  12. Orchard Camping

    Camping in an Indiana apple orchard, for a hot-pepper picking festival. I loaded the wagon with three days' of camping/cooking gear, a tent, canopy, chairs, etc. Darned rain.
  13. stone load

    A load of limestone, which was delivered to a wooded campsite for a fire ring. The gate has stickers from the Everglades, and the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.
1-13 of 13 Results