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    I purchased a 2008 Outback recently and the first thing I did was window tint. This is my first Subaru and first vehicle with frameless windows. My question is regarding the integrity of the tint after rain or washing the vehicle. I’ve noticed after it gets wet around the window, there is some...
  2. Thomas is back, and blacked-out

    Back after 1st service, now 30% tinted, rustproofed, and sub-woofered, next to my Isuzu NPR
  3. Yogi Tinted

    Windows Tinted
  4. New Tint Job

    This is my 07 ******, 35% driver/passenger/rear windshield; 20% rear windows & sunroof. Loving it so far!
  5. tint outside

    Shows how reflective the 20% is from a close up.
  6. A view from the inside

    20% tint from the inside
  7. after tint

    an after shot of the tint job. 20%
  8. Tint

    Tint after
  9. Tint

    Tint after
  10. Tint

    Tint after
  11. Tint

    Tint before
  12. Tint

    Tint before
  13. Tint

    Tint before
  14. Do not enter when flooded.

    Do not enter when flooded.
  15. ABP tint, baby!

    ABP tint OBXT
  16. Outback XT Limited tinted.

    Outback XT Limited in ABP with tinted windows
1-16 of 16 Results