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torque converter

  1. 2011 Outback 3.6R shakes at steady speed.

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    When it reaches a constant speed it shakes for a couple seconds. There are no check engine codes, or history codes. My normal mechanic thinks it's the torque converter(TC) and wants to charge $440 to drain and fill an bunch of times since he doesn't have a transmission flush machine. The...
  2. Help: How to Connect torque converter to transmission? Holes don't line up.

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I'm in the middle of a JDM replacement for my EZ30D. I've got the JDM in place, bell housing bolts and pitch stopper tightened, cherry picker removed, jack under the transmission lowered, engine mount bolts tightened. Not that experienced, but I've been following three YouTube videos and...
  3. Can Bad Torque Converter and Valve Body damage CVT (4th Gen 2012 Outback 2.5)

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    Hello Outback friends, Main Question: Can a bad torque converter and/or valve body damage the main CVT? ( 4th Gen 2012 Outback 2.5 with 130k miles) My symptoms are hesitation / lurching from a stop to drive. I've read through many posts about torque converters and CVTs but none quite answer...