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  1. FS: Floor Mats, Carpet - Outback Touring (J501SAL010) - $75 (includes shipping)

    For Sale / For Free
    Floor Mats, Carpet - Outback Touring, 5th Gen (J501SAL010) 2017-2019 Outback MSRP $109.33 Condition: Good ++, These sat in a plastic bag for 95% of time, as all weathers were used primarily Shipping included for lower 48 Boise, Idaho - $50 local exchange
  2. Outback Touring seat bump

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I noticed my new Outback Touring XT has a "bump" in the middle of the seat. I am assuming its the heater/ventilator. I didn't notice it when I did a test drive (alas of a Limited since they did not have a Touring to test drive.) Is this normal or do I have a defective driver's seat? If this is...
  3. Light bulbs' specs list ?

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Is there an online list of all 2020 Touring XT light bulbs' specs, detailing [1] the bulb spec, [2] whether it is replaceable or not and [3] whether the stock / OEM is already LED or incandescent ? I know there is a partial / subset list in the owner's manual but it is far from complete.
  4. Turbo or Non-Turbo 4 cylinder?

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Was looking forward to the Onyx XT test drive as we need a car very soon and I like what it has to offer for the pricepoint … was lucky to find a local dealer that had quite a few trims in stock … We have a 2017 Forester XT in the family which I am currently “borrowing” and I love it mostly...