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  1. Washington

    Looking at the northern cascades
  2. Washington

    ~370 miles and averaged 28.5 mpg
  3. Washington

    leaving it all behind
  4. Washington

    Driving up Steven's Pass
  5. Washington

    Looking across the wenatchee
  6. Washington

    Near the palisades
  7. Wenatchee

    Looking across the Wenatchee river
  8. Wenatchee

    Looking over the Wenatchee river
  9. Washington

    They have very large propellers
  10. Washington

    Looking out over top the wind turbines
  11. Washington

    It's snowy at the top of the pass
  12. Seattle

    Rainy morning getting out of Seattle
  13. Washington

    Heading east through the pass
  14. Morning

    Neighbor's Forester and my recently acquired Outback
  15. Playing around @ the Bottoms

    First time in 4 months of owning her the Suby is Stuck. In the process of airing down and digging.
1-20 of 29 Results