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water pump

  1. Gen 5 2015 2.5l water pump replacement

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Hit 100k and going to do a lot of maintenance on it. Serpentine belt, plugs/wires, and most importantly the water pump/thermostat. Nothing is coming up and from the one picture I saw this gen has the pump mounted so you do not have to remove the cover. Is this correct? Looks like I can just...
  2. 2010 2.5 Subaru Outback - Mystifying Coolant System Issue

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hi all, 2010 2.5l Subaru Outback with around 90k miles on it (had in since around 50k). At the end of a 7 hour road-trip a few months ago the car overheated, blowing coolant everywhere (seemingly out of the top of the overflow tank). No signs of a leak anywhere. Turns out the fuse was blown...