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  1. JDM 2002 Legacy GT30 STI Wagon Wheel Spacer Size

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I know this is an outback forum but I just wanted to see if anyone knew about what kind of wheel spacers I can put on the legacy. I am struggling with a couple of products that are from Japan and I wanted to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. I also wanted to know if is safe to...
  2. SOLD FS: Sparco Terra Rally Bronze wheel set 17x7.5 , 5x114.3 (Minneapolis, MN area)

    Selling my set of 4 Sparco Terra wheels in Rally Bronze from my 2020 Outback Rims only, no tires 17 x 7.5 +45mm offset 5-114.3 bolt pattern 21.15 lbs per wheel Black spline lug nuts included Valve stems and hub rings already in wheels $350 Shipping available for an additional $100 Only 2-1/2...
  3. 2004 Sti wheels and tyres

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    I have a spare set of 2004 sti wheels that I am thinking about putting some beefier A/T tyres on and running them on my 2003 OBW. i cant seem to find and suitable tyres that will fit the wheel. Has anyone attempted this before? any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. Tire options for new wheels

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    Hey everyone, Looking to buy a new set of wheels for my 2004 Outback limited. Getting the Rotiform BLQ 18x8.5. Probably going to run either 245/45/18 or 235/45/18 Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 but I've noticed the XL rated tires are a decent amount cheaper than the SL. Do you think there will be a...
  5. sold: Like New 2019 Factory 17" Wheels Tires & TPMS Beckley, WV

    Looking to get rid of my nitro filled factory wheels/tires/tpms sensors off of my 2019 Premium Outback. These are 17" with the factory 225/65r17 Bridgestone Duelers. All four wheels/tires are in absolute mint condition with less than 700 miles on them. I live about an hour southeast of Beckley...
  6. 2013 Outback whining noise

    General Discussions
    I recently purchased a used 2013 Outback with a little over 120000 miles on it. So far I'm loving every part of being a Subaru owner although I have noticed something since driving it off the lot. Whenever I am losing acceleration there is a whining noise that comes from what seems to be the...
  7. 2013 WRX 17" Wheels on 2012 Outback 3.6r?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Has anybody put 17x8" wrx wheels on their gen 4 outback? Both bolt patterns are 5x100 and I was curious if they look good or have any issues. Possibly with rubbing?
  8. For Sale: 2016 Limited Wheels - Minnesota

    I have four OEM Subaru wheels that I no longer need. Came off of a 2016 Subaru Outback limited. 18-inch wheels. 5x114.3 bolt pattern so it fits any 2015-2019 Outback or Legacy. Wheels are in good condition. No TPMS. A few scratches. No bends or breaks; no curb rash. Asking $600 OBO. Available...
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  10. FS :Set of Outback Premium rims 17" off 2014, Colorado

    Recently transferred the tracklites that had been on my Impreza to the Outback. As a result, I no longer need the OEM wheels. The wheels themselves are in great condition, but one does have a fairly large patch of curb rash. Comes with lugnuts and center caps. Located in Loveland, CO. PM me if...
  11. Max offset for 06 outback

    Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    Hi Everyone, I am trying to put on an old set of dynamic performance wheels. The wheels are 5x114. I ordered a set of spacer/ converters that are 15mm thick. The issue I'm running into is that the stock hub studs are protruding about 10mm from the face of the spacer. I think my two...
  12. 15" wheels on 2014 2.5i?

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    I've been told that I could run 235/75 R15 wheels on my 2014 Limited 2.5i. I have a 2" ADF lift. Planning to get new wheels and tires to replace the 225/60 R17 tires it came with. STRONGLY leaning toward BFG KO2's. Dropping down to the 15" version cuts about $50 per tire off of the tire...
  13. FS: Gen5 outback rims, and Forester 2015 rims, all w/ TPMS. Tulsa OK

    Available for sale: OEM 2015 OB 18” Limited rims. TOTAL OF 4 Price: $400 for set of 4 plus shipping (buyer pays cost to ship to destination) OEM 2015 Forester rims (not covers but solid rims) Came off my daughters car and in great shape. TOTAL OF 4 Price: $400 for set of 4 plus shipping...
  14. IMAG0062


    2011 Subaru Outback with 2013 WRX wheels in 17x8 +53 offset and 225/65 Michelin Defender tires. tags: 2011 outback 2013 wrx wheels rims
  15. Wheels, Grill

    Wheels, Grill

    After market upgrades
  16. 2006 Baja Alloys on my Outback

    2006 Baja Alloys on my Outback

    I picked up a pretty clean set of alloys (a lot cleaner than mine!) off a 2006 Baja for $160. Considering they cost less than new steelies, I think I did pretty well; and they looks better than the stockers in my opinion.
  17. Konig Heatsink

    Konig Heatsink

    Trying to decide if I want these wheels.
  18. Enkei FLC-01

    Enkei FLC-01

    Trying to decide if I want these.
  19. Liquid Metal Venom Black

    Liquid Metal Venom Black

    Trying to decided if I want these.