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window tint

  1. General Discussions
    I purchased a 2008 Outback recently and the first thing I did was window tint. This is my first Subaru and first vehicle with frameless windows. My question is regarding the integrity of the tint after rain or washing the vehicle. I’ve noticed after it gets wet around the window, there is some...
  2. Tint Before & After

    Tint Before & After

    Here's before & after the rear windows are 20% and the driver's window is 50%
  3. After Tint 3

    After Tint 3

    Another pic of my window tint, this time with the car facing into the evening can see inside/thru it a bit better this way, but not much.
  4. After Tint 2

    After Tint 2

    A shot in the rain of my window tint...pretty hard to see inside most times, but I like the color/look.
  5. Before Tint

    Before Tint

    A quick shot of my car, the morning before I got it tinted.
  6. After Tint

    After Tint

    A shot of my car after tinting all the windows.