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winter tires

  1. '92 SVX wheels with Arctic Claw tires (CA $650 full set)

    Hello, I am a new breed of fool who bought SVX wheel and put tires on them without realizing that the stud pattern doesn't fit! as a result, I need to sell these. The tires are, as you would expect, brand spanking new (can be studded), and the SVX wheels aren't in bad shape IMHO. I would like to...
  2. Winter tires - Hankook I*Pike RW11 vs. Firestone Winterforce 2 UV

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Hello, I recently moved to a place where snow tires are somewhat of a necessity and purchased tires for my 2009 Outback for the first time. After much deliberation, I selected the Firestone Winterforce 2 UV. I bought new winter wheels, too. I dropped my car off to have the tires and wheels...
  3. Yokohoma Avid GT (OEM) vs. Avid Ascend GT

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Hello! My mother just purchased a 2020 Outback Limited to replace her 220k mile 07 Outback. The car came with Yokohama Avid GT tires and I cannot find any information on these, partially because Yokahoma makes another tire called the Avid Ascend GT which is making "Avid GT" impossible to...
  4. Winter wheels & Snow tires 2018 Outback touring - 17x7.5 225/65/17 Blizzak - Northern Chicago Area

    Selling a set of 17x7.5 et 38 winter wheels and 225/65/17 blizzak ws80's from my 2018 outback touring. Used 1 season, 3 months, less than 3000 miles. Purchased November of 2018. Comes with all mounting hardware. No TPMS. $880. Paid almost $1200 from TR. Pick-up only in northern suburbs...
  5. Salted and Dried

    Salted and Dried