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wont start

  1. Won’t start

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    My daughters 2003 outback suddenly stalled while driving. The code came up was crankshaft position sensor A. So I replaced it. Still won’t start. I feel like It wants to start but something is telling it no to.
  2. 98 Legacy 2.5L won’t start

    Gen 1: 1995-1999
    I let my son borrow my car and it wouldn’t start one morning. We have changed plugs, cam sensor and crank sensor. It doesn’t act like it is getting fuel. Has spark. It’s like computer isn’t telling injectors to fire. I pulled outlet line off fuel filter and it has fuel when key is on. Any ideas...
  3. Died while driving can’t get it to turn over now

    Problems & Maintenance
    hi there my dad has an 02 outback limited 2.5 liter, he was driving to work and it just died and won’t fully turnover now. He has checked the grounds , replaced the plugs wires, coil packs and he’s checked the fuel pump any idea what could be the cause of it not turning over