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wreck lizard

  1. crash diagram

    crash diagram

    You can call me Unit Two now, this is an illustration from the accident report. A 1997 Nissan Pathfinder rolled off the stop sign on Plessenton as I came around the bend on Olentangy River Road. I swerved but failed to avoid her completely, and I landed in the ditch while the truck spun 180 degree
  2. the damage

    the damage

    The fascia was ripped off the car from right to left, though the passenger side is almost intact. I swerved to avoid hitting the Pathfinder squarely, so this was a glancing blow. The airbags did not deploy. You can see the color of the truck in the scratches on the fascia.
  3. front view

    front view

    Seen straight on, the front end is bent upward.
  4. from above

    from above

    Seen from above, the lights were pulverized. The fender pushed the liner back far enough to rub the tire. The battery case is warped (tough to get a pic of that) and the battery is dead.
  5. torn subframe

    torn subframe

    The subframe tore open at the corner weld, and the section with the tow loop rotated up and out. The AC condenser warped. The endpiece of the bumper tore off completely.
  6. "FS one nearly intact grille"

    "FS one nearly intact grille"

    The grille almost made it through intact. Note this is actually a Legacy grille, the body shop could not find an Outback grille, apparently. I actually liked this one better.
  7. timing belt cover

    timing belt cover

    The overflow bottle and the lower radiator hose jammed up against the timing belt cover. I cannot open the hood (yet) so this is the best view i can get. The engine stalled in the wreck and when I tried to restart it, it sounded like a box of rocks. I'm pretty sure the cam sprocket(s) got locked
  8. wheel scuff

    wheel scuff

    The wheel and tire took a scratch - since the scratches are straight lines, I'm guessing the wheel was locked at the time.
  9. the snorkus

    the snorkus

    The passenger side is intact except the fascia and parking light are gone. The mythical snorkus is revealed, and as I thought it's basically a big waterpipe that buys you a little time when you immerse or splash the intake at the top of the radiator. The presence of a weep hole in the bottom conf