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xt 2009
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  1. spare parts

    The spare parts, stored in the boot, including the broken grille. They not not throw anything out until after the car is delivered back to me. Just in case a clip or something similar is required.
  2. spot welds

    The spot welds on the driver side of the tie-bar. This will be painted on Wednesday.
  3. side view

    The passenger side of the car.
  4. hood scoop

    The underside of the original hood scoop.
  5. hood

    The hood. The owner took the hood out of the box to show me what it looks like when it arrives from the factory. They will rough this up and paint it.
  6. hood - boxed

    The boxed bumper
  7. bumper / wheel trim

    The bumper and wheel trim. Undamanged.
  8. front view

    The car without bumper, fenders, condenser, grill, and radiator. The __/ shaped piece (tie-bar) has been replaced. The vertical piece on the left hand side of where the radiator would be has been straightened. These will be painted on Wednesday. That's the two horns on the left hand side.
1-8 of 8 Results