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  1. 20220427_121936.jpg

    Yakima Skyline Towers (set of 4) Purchased from REI
  2. 20220427_122006.jpg

    Yakima 50" Corebar Crossbar - Purchased from REI
  3. For Sale / For Free
    I picked up this MegaWarrior to swap out with another (smaller) basket shortly before I sold my Outback. I've decided to try a expedition type rack/setup on my new CUV. Fit very nicely on my 2018 OB with factory rails/crossbars. Shipping would likely be stupidly high, so really looking for local...
  4. General Discussions
    Going cross country this winter and back. Need some extra hauling space. So, do folks have suggestions for good cargo boxes? I've looked at the Thule and Yakima selections. For the most part, Thule seems hard to get because of inventory problems. So, looking at Yakima, the SkyBox 16 looks...
  5. Performance Parts & Accessories
    I'm considering a roof basket for my new '21 XT but wanted to see which ones look the best and are recommended by users. Looking for something sleek! Post some pics of your roof baskets and tell me why you chose it, along with pros/cons!!! Thanks! 😀🤟🏼
  6. Performance Parts & Accessories
    I tried a search and couldn't find anything. I have a set of MaxTrax for my 2022 Outback Wilderness. I have ordered the Yakima Jetstream crossbars and wondered if anyone has attached their MaxTrax to these? I want to be able to lock them on and keep them flat if possible. Any ideas? Do the...
  7. Performance Parts & Accessories
    went to a store that installs rack he said there is no way to attach tepui to my car 1. weight issues 2. can not get my hand underneath tepui to get screws on factory bolts 3. can not find a riser kit to attach to factory rails 4. factory rails need to be laid across (open position) car as no...
  8. 2020 Subaru Outback Touring XT

    I am a shop owner based out of SoCal and focus mainly on aftermarket installs and parts sales. Current Modification so far. Ready Lift 2" Lift Kit (Sponsored) Toyo Open Country AT3 (Sponsored) BBS RG2 (Powdercoated Volk Bronze and Custom Machined and Annodized Center Locks) (Done in-house)...
  9. Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Looking to purchase a Yakima TopRack. Want to get the fishing rods out of the car. Anyone have experience with it? It will be mounted on a 2020 XT.
  10. Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I'm looking to get a roofbox for my 2003 (gen 2) Outback and have done a fair amount of research which has landed me with three options that fit what I'm looking for. The primary specifications I'm looking for include the box being short enough to not interfere with the hatch opening fully (max...
  11. General Discussions
    Hi All, I've got a 2008 2.5i w/ the stock roof rack/bars. Many years ago, before a move across the country, we bought a Yakima SkyBox to pack as much as we could for the trip. That said, the box is just a bit too long, and the rear spoiler hits the underside of the box when the hatch is...
  12. Performance Parts & Accessories
    Hi, I am new 2019 outback owner, I recently purchased a Yakima Skyline roof rack system, I was not aware that there were factory bars that came standard (I know pretty dumb). I installed the system and I do like the look of it on the car. Where I a struggling, now that I realize there are...
  13. Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I’m looking to get the Yakima skybox 16 on my 2019 Outback Limited. Does anyone happen to know what the total height is with the skybox on stock crossbars? The only thing stopping me is that it may not clear my garage. Thanks!
  14. Box

1-14 of 14 Results