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2003 OBW 2.5L 4EAT
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Hey guys,

My '03 Outback H4 has 170k miles on it now and the original radiator has started leaking at the upper tank seam with the cold winter weather.

I'm planning to install a Mishimoto full aluminum performance radiator (MMRAD-LEG-00) along with a Hayden #677 ATF cooler. The Mishimoto radiator is designed for the H4 engine with manual transmission, as the their radiator does not have a built in ATF cooler for auto applications. Anyway that is a pretty straightforward install on any '00-'04 H4 Legacy or Outback.

However I am planning to complete a JDM H6 EZ30D swap in the near future, and with that I'd like to be able to reuse this Mishimoto radiator (There are no full aluminum radiators for H6 applications on the market). Since it is a complete aluminum unit, it is possible to modify it via some cutting & TIG welding. From what I can tell the upper rad hose connections are the only significant difference between the 2 applications. The H4 having a single larger upper inlet & the H6 having 2 smaller upper inlets.

I remember in the past another member modified one of these radiators to suit an H6 engine, but I am unable to find that write up. I would appreciate if someone could a post link for it here. In the mean time I'll keep searching.....

I will also continue this thread with my experience, when it comes time to mod the radiator...

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