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00 axle & 99 axle

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Does anyone know what the differences are between a 2000 Legacy OBW axle and a 99 legacy OBW axle?? I know that the hubs on a 2000 are a bit bigger, but both the 00 and the 99 have phase two trannies(meaning the inner joints would be the same) and I can't imagine the axle splines themselves to be different...I mean...It's possible but...I'm really hoping to use the 00 axle on the 99. Is the drive axle longer, thicker in diameter, or what??
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you can use a 00 axle on a 99 if you knock the tone ring off.
i don't know if you have to knock it off, but i have always done it and heard you should.

you cannot use the 99 on the 00 if you want to have the ABS work. the axle splines will fit, but the tone ring will be missing.
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