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'01 Autodimming compass mirror FS--not fogged! $60 shipped

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Title says it.

Been sitting on this for a while thinking I'd sneak it into one of my cars sooner or later. Closing on my house on Sept 4, at this point I'd rather have the $$$. . . this'll buy a few yards of carpet or something :)

Full disclosure: this was pulled from a car with a broken windshield. It was dislodged during the crash and dangled from the wire harness. As such, one end of the connector is a little . . . stretched? I've no reason to think it won't plug back into your car, and if it doesn't work I'll refund your $$$ (you can keep the mirror even--just don't be a d**k and say it doesn't to try and get a free mirror off me. . . bad karma).

Shipping via Fedex Ground with tracking and insurance included to the lower 48. International or AK/HI residents (you lucky dogs), ask me for an estimate.


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if rmal does not want it i'll take it.
is the connector wire included?

paypal ok? or would you rather have a check?
let me know.

EDIT, you probably sold this already.
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