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Hi guys! So- upon repairing my deer damaged OB, I decided to replace the way leaky drivers side front cam seal. The culprit seems to be a broken tension spring around the back side of the seal. I bought a new seal from Napa, and there is an o-ring in the box, along with my seal. I didn't remove an o-ring from the car, nor do I see one inside the front camshaft. Is it for the rear? Its slightly larger than the seal. It is a sohc 2.5.

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2.2's use the same cam seals but have O-rings on the back of the heads where a plate seals off a hole where (I assume) the heads were line-bored for the cam journals.

2.5's don't have that as the manufacturing process is different.

My guess is whatever manufacturer packaged those seals throws the O-ring in so you've got it if you're working on a 2.2 and figures you're smart enough or cavalier enough to throw it away if you have a 2.5.
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