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02 Impreza Outback

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This is one of my customer's cars. He just bought it Saturday. I looked it over for him back in early January to give him a good run down for haggling.

The lot wanted 6450. I made a suggestion and it was taken to the lot salesman and he declined saying someone would buy it when they got their return in.

Fast forward, it didn't sell. My customer paid less than asking, put the Voxx rims and Michelins on (he was just going to balance the wheels, but one was bent so he used that as an excuse to buy a new set), brought it to me to get it up to par.

102277 miles on a 2.5 SOHC OS, auto, manual AC. The inside is just as clean as the out. Very healthy engine and drivetrain. We replaced leaking wheel cylinders, flushed the brakes, front engine overhaul minus the water pump, new thermostat, flushed the coolant good, blower motor resistor, NGK IX plugs, valve cover seals, alignment and I cleaned up his headlights. Underside looked great, Texas car and no rust. Cleaned the engine up to make it easy to spot leaks.

He still hasn't dolled out 6450 total. He feels like a kid again and said one of his daughters that drives their Forester wanted to trade him for it. He said no. I don't think the other daughter driving a 98 Outback has seen it yet.

This is an example of being patient when looking for the right Subaru for you. 2 hours before the purchase he had texted me he was going to bring in a 02 Outback for a check up before buying. We had been going to different dealer lots and individuals looking for Outbacks for the last 5 months.


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smokes! I have one just like it. 138k miles. Just had head gasket, timing belt, oil and water pump, plugs and wires done. Runs great. I hesitated to spend that kind of money on it but 31 mpg for my daily 100 mile commute really pushed me to do it
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