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A bit more information, but you will still need some help (multi-meter) to isolate the fault . . .

Referring to the wiring diagram, as there's a fuse for the right side and another for the left, and as the high beams are said to be working properly on both sides, it means the fuses must be good because the same fuse powers the high and low beams on any one side. So power must be getting as far as the connector that links the front harness to the passenger side headlight wiring harness.

Also, according to the wiring diagram, the "low" side of the left and right side low beams are connected together and switched in common by the DRL module. If the driver side low beam comes on but not the passenger side, then the DRL module switching is good.

This leaves the possibility of faulty wiring to the bulb socket on the passenger side and the socket itself.

In addition to the parts store as a source, Harbor Freight currently has a range of multi-meters, some for less than $10, that are adequate for basic troubleshooting. (Search results for: 'multimeter' )
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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