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I bought my '02 used, and was told by the dealer who did the service that the rear suspension corrosion recall work had been done. According to the service department guy, the work consisted of "a rust-proofing oil or wax". What? They didn't just rub some wax on the rear suspension and call it good, did they? :/

Does anyone know what parts the recall was directed toward? Is it the rear sway bar that's going to rust away from road salt? When I get a chance to slide under the car and take a look, what are the main points I should be looking for? I'm an amateur at this sort of thing.

Thankfully I've left Wisconsin and am up in the U.P. now--when it's going to snow several times a week, why use salt? Seems to be just sand that gets spread on the roads up here, and lots of it...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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