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2002 Subaru Outback Sedan Limited 2.5L.
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I bought an 02 outback sedan limited about 2 months ago, and I am looking to do some modifications. Just for context, I am 16 years old, and this is the first car that I bought. I want to put some cool looking rally lights on the front bumper or grille so that when I travel back to my local ski resort this winter, I won't have to worry about visibility too much. If anyone could share some knowledge with me on how I should go about doing this, I'd appreciate it. Another thing I'm looking to do is put a snowboard roof rack on the roof (obviously) since I have the sedan model and won't be able to tote around my snow sticks. I don't have a roof rack system on it right now, the entire roof is clean of everything. If someone could help with that as well that'd be great.

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updated thread title,

beware some people will confuse OBS for impreza outback sport,....vs. legacy outback sedan.

this board is largey based on "legacy / outback", vs. impreza and forester.


some kind of regular roof rack for any sedan should work, and sadly the rear seatback does not open or have a pass through on 2004 and newer legacy/ legacy outback sedans to accept skis. (probably easy to find one on craigslist, drive over somewhere like a mcdonalds, clamp it on your car successfully and pay)

as far as light bars,...just turn the fog lights on and leave them on,...polish the head lights if they are not clear.

then decide if you want to dump money on a light bar.

plenty of subarus running around with cloudy headlights from being exposed to too much sun.

this is the polish kit I bought 3 years back, and the headlights are still really clear (I did some reasearch and found a article about what kit has the most products, and lasts the longest,...took me about 45 minutes to do two head lights).


is your outback sedan a 4 cylinder limited, a 6 cylinder limited, or the best of the best VDC 6 cylinder (VDC logo on the fender).?
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