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02 subaru outback wagon gauge pod/pods?

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I'm ordering after market gauges to add on to my subaru outback wagon.
I am looking for either a A-pillar gauge pod system or some sort of dash add on for it. I have a single din space below the radio which worse case I will do that.. But I'd prefer to have it in viewing range from line of sight.

All I find when searching around comes up with 02-04 impreza / wrx
Am I missing something here or does the 02-04 impreza A-pillar gauge pod fit in a outback? :confused: the WRX models seem to be re designed a bit and I don't really want to cut/chop parts to fit.. So before I dump 40+ bucks into it. I figured I would ask the masses here seeing someone else may of had this problem..

-any info or links or ideas will be a great help! :29:

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