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need a another 2.5 in Michigan, Or have the existing one rebuilt. The head is warped, can only travel 15 minutes before overheats. Any/All suggestions welcomed...I like my car, put $2k into it, to have it die.
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warped how bad? like beyond DIY or porfessionally machining down?

head gaskets done at least once ?

is it the head with the EGR going into it? (2003-2004 EJ251 in legacy and legacy outback has EGR,....not earlier 00-02,...and not the other foresters etc).

you can buy a new head or 2 and put them on your existing engine with new head gaskets,.... or at this late date, maybe find a rust bucket or a wreck of a 2003-4 and get the engine out of it. or LKQ,

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Call this guy


Vic Hasstedt
708 Wind Song Trail
Mooresville IN 46158

He is retired military who does Sub engines on the side as a hobby. His prices are very good,
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