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Been awhile since I posted...
End of Decemeber I got 4 new tires for my '03 OB, due to sidewall damage on one of the stock Potenzas @20K. I ended up going with BFG Traction T/A's from Big-O tires here in SF, CA.
All in all, I'm very happy with the tires, however, took some grief to get there..
Big O did the usual alignment inspection and, also as usual, found my car out of alignment. So when they mounted the new rubber, they also did that work. Got the car back, and it pulled to the right like crazy. First, they claimed it was "radial pull" in one of the tires. So they swapped the tires around all 4 ways, found that, in fact, the problem WAS in the alignment. It ended up taking three visits in 1 week to get things right. However, what it came down to was that they simply weren't careful enough the first time around with their work. They did a sloppy job balancing the wheels, a sloppy job aligning the front end and hadn't even gotten the tire pressure right. Not a good combo with a relatively new, tight, somewhat-sensitive car and new, grippy tires. Total cost to me was $630, $550 for the tires. Big O did a fine job of making things right, but they could have saved me a lot of time and themselves a lot of money if they'd just done it right the first time.
With that out of the way, I took a 3000-mile roadtrip from CA to Washington state. Highway, wet, dry, pouring rain, blizzard, ice, off-road, the car performed fine and the tires proved vastly superior to the stock Bridgestones, especially in slick conditions. Just more grip and better handling all-around. They actually appear to be a bit fatter than the Potenzas, too... Very slight drop in gas mileage around town, but no change on the highway.
Brought the vehicle in the other day for regular servicing, dealer rotated the tires and the car still goes straight, that's nice.
So after 5000 miles, I'm happy with the tires and hope to get a lot of miles out of them. But I think I'll stay away from Big O.
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