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'04 Outback security issues

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Hi guys, having some security system issues and cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on.

Car in question is my '04 Outback sedan, 3.0. I have installed a Rally remote start system on the car about 6 months ago. I have also programmed one new remote for the car at the same time as we only received one with the car when we bought it.

Girlfriend came home from work saying the security light was flashing more then it was and the car didn't give a response when the doors were locked/unlocked (no beep, no flashing lights). Found it had gotten into Valet mode and was able to bring it back out but there was still no response when the car was locked/unlocked. Now a week later, neither remote works and I have to lock/unlock the car with a key and the button inside the car. Both remotes have new batteries but the car will not go into programming mode for the remotes. Car battery has been tested and is showing 82% on a load test.

Is there anyway I can reset the Security system to default and start over? I do have access to a Subaru Select Monitor 2 and 3 if needed, I just don't like being at work when I don't need to be:p
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generally the security system ''remembers'' the remotes that are programmed when the battery is disconnected. but when my battery has been disconnected for a long time, days or more during an engine swap, it forgot my remotes and i have to reprogram them.

they can be hard, very chalenging to get intot programming mode and if you screw it up, you have to wait befroe you try again . it took me several days of trying on my first start of the day to finally get it.

my best guess is try again.

or go see the dealer.
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