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I have an '05 Legacy 2.5L 120k miles, recently its decided to stop starting after immediately starting or it will idle rough for 10 minutes and shut-off. When I start the car the engine will usually shake, won't idle over 500rpm unless I stomp the gas which then itll shake more then turn-off.

So far I've changed the plugs (looks like they had the originals, one was arc-ing), ignition wires, and coilpack. Even changed the air filter.

The problem itself seems to be getting steadily worse though: for a while it would idle, we were able to get the car to drive 50ft or so for a while before it stalled and we could rev it parked (3k+ or so before it would stall) but now it won't get a few feet before it shakes and shuts off instantly. If we try to rev it now, it won't get above 1k. It usually won't idle at all if the engine is hot

Any chance someone has seen this before?

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Any cel's?(check engine lights)?
I'd look into the coolant temp switch, if it's out it will produce those issues your explaining.
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