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My 2005 OBXT cranked, but hard firing. Took to dealer, injector cylinder 2 diagnosed as bad. All 4 injectors replaced. $800.

After 200 miles, cylinder 2 was misfiring again. Thought it was bad injector, but not. Then, they thought it was bad coil, but coil tested OK. Found brown gunk in gas return line. Dealer stymied. Called Subaru headquarters.

The diagnosed rust in fuel system. Suggested replacing all steel fuel lines, fuel rail, fuel pump. Tank looks OK, filler tube Looks OK. $2300 fix.

Always used premium fuel, added Drygas seasonally on occasion.

So, where did the rust come from? What can I do to prevent a re-occurrence? I'm aiming for 200,000. I figure the repair ids still less expensive than a new car. Been in shop 2 weeks now. HELP.
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