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Hey all! Reporting in from the big AK. Thought I'd share with the group. My name is Dan, and I’m a Sube’aholic. (Mudge, feel free to move if this is the wrong place!)

I had posted before about my new OBXT, an oil burning smell that I noticed after warm up and not moving. Several here suggested that it was soundproof over spray or clutch liner smell.

After further investigation, I discovered that there was in fact a tranny leak at the rear seal and spilling on the exhaust bits. I have typically owned 4 x 4 rigs and could always crawl under and have a look anytime I wanted. This took a little while to figure out as it was the middle of winter and you can't just crawl under an OBXT any way.

The thing that makes me a bit pissed is that 2 weeks after purchase (12-17-04), I took it back to have a pre-haggled block heater installed ( I can’t believe that they send them up here without those) and told them that I was smelling burning 90W, at least to me. So would you all mind having a look see while under there as you install the BH.

During install they said the same thing.....over spray, that will go away.

Well, I went out of town and was parking it in my company warehouse as I was gone and noticed the leakage on the floor when I returned (I typically leave it out in a driveway).

The good part of this story is that I took it back to the dealer here in Anchorage during a lunch break and told them to have another look see. They stopped and took the car in straight-away and saw the same as I did and then said you don’t have to make an appointment, leave it here and we will fix it. They gave me a 2005 regular Legacy w/AT to drive as they said it might take a day or so to fix. I got the car back less than 24 hours later with a new seal on the rear tranny propeller shaft and I was on my way and they washed the car as well, and they apologized! They did not have to drop the tranny or nothing like that so factory goods are still in place. I drove away pretty happy with my OBXT .

As my car was built in 8/2004 and it is a new production run, I am not totally shocked that something like this could happen. I am however, impressed by the service to make it right. I know what a rear seal is on a tranny (10.00 dollar part) and I know it did not take long to fix.

So, I got my car back and just got home from burning up 60 miles of AK icy roads and I am still a happy camper!

Sorry for being so long winded!

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Dan. Thanks for the update. A bittersweet, but not uncommon, kind of story.

Obviously the troubling part is that they skipped over it the first time round. This is especially annoying since you more or less pinpointed the problem from the outset. What if it were someone with less perseverence or technical expertise--someone who would trust their original answer and simply expect it to go away as the car breaks in?

Still they did the right thing, and all's well that ends well.

I'm happy to leave it here, (though I might merge it later with your previous thread, just so we all can look at those great pictures again!)

Also, you might want to check in at the dealer rating board to add further comments.

So far I've been spared--knock on wood. :25: Anyone else had to do warranty work yet?
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