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05 outback dead battery, no start. Help

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Hello All,

New to the forum. I'm usually on the jeep forums with my TJ but i have a problem i can't seem to figure out by myself. My wife has a 2005 Outback 2.5 SOHC auto. On Sunday i was cleaning her car out and getting it it ready for winter(blanket, water bottles, hand warmers, shovel, etc, etc.). I had the rear hatch open for no longer then 20 minutes. I happen to notice to cargo light was a bit dim and i suspected the battery was probably dead (I have noticed the car takes a little more effort to start the past couple of weeks.)

Not sure what i was thinking but I hit the aftermarket remote start and tried to start the car. As i suspected, the car failed to start but it was clicking like a dead battery would. The odd thing was the remote start kept trying to start the car over and over. So i hopped in and put the key in the ignition and turned it on. That didn't work and it kep going. So, to not damage any components i disconnected the battery.

Now i was a bit confused about the remote start. I have been around a good number of them and i thought they had a failsafe and stopped after 3-5 trys. This one kept on going. So i reconnected the battery and tried to start it with the key. Same issue, no start just the starter clicking. I then jumped the car with my jeep. The car now has full power, but when i go to start it up i hear nothing at all. Not even the starter clicking.

Confused as to what was going on i thought the starter had gone bad. When i removed it and did a bench test, it was in good working order. So i reinstalled it. After all this i tried to restart the car with the remote start again thinking there was a security feature with the remote start. No luck. So i located the remote start and disconnecteed the entire control module from the car.

Here is where I'm at now. With the remote start control module disconnected, and with the original battery in, When i start the car, the starter clicks like there is a dead battery(makes sense). BUT when i jump the car with my Jeep and now have full power to the subaru I get nothing. Not even the starter is clicking. Although i do hear clicking coming from the left of the car and the right.

At this point I'm at a loss. I am picking up a new battery today for it, but i still don't understand why it won't start, or even engage with full power, but it will with half a dead battery. Please help!
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Thanks for the responses. I just installed a fresh new battery. I tried to start it and I got nothing as before. I'm going back out to check the wiring to and from the starter and if I can check the single wire going to the starter with a volt meter.
Good idea. If it started before and now it doesn't, go over every calbe/circuit you unhooked or spliced in to and recheck it.
If you got batt voltage at the relay when you turned the key to start, its not the security system. The batt current goes straight to the starter solenoid from that relay.
Just for sh1ts and giggles, have you checked the battery in the key fob? Fuses?

Does the security light continue to stay on with the key in the ignition and on?

Its possible that the body module is not receiving a signal to disarm from the fob or ignition switch.

Have you tried locking and unlocking the door with the key then attempting a start?

Do you have another key/fob?

If you can get it started and it stays running, it shouldn't do any damage. There are possibly codes on the BIU that will lead you in the right direction.

The BIU, by the way, is mounted under the driver side panel. It has a snap on cover and mounted with two screws.
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You won't get codes from the body module with a quick scanner. You will need access to a select monitor or aftermarket diagnostic tool designed to communicate with the various modules on the car. The ones used and sold at the parts stores like Auto Don't only communicate with the ECM.

Someone must have removed the cover and not put it back if you are looking at the right one. It just snapped in place.

No surprise on the wiring diagram either. The color codes never match what is in the car. You have to look at pin numbers. Those will match the circuit. At least on every Subaru I've worked on they did.
Has the neutral switch been checked?
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