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05 Outback Timing Belt Success

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Hi all,

Today I replaced the timing belt, pulleys, tensioner, thermostat and water pump on my 05 Outback 2.5 with 100K.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted any timing belt info. The instructions and photos throughout this site ALL came in handy and made the task manageable.

One thing I learned the hard way...while fitting the new belt I moved the driver's side camshaft pulley a bit too far, then valve spring pressure moved it much further. While moving, I grabbed it and tried to rotate it back by hand. Dumb! I didn't see the sharp edges on the entire front side of both camshaft pulleys and ended up cutting two fingers. (A band-aide wrapped in duct tape and back to work) After that, a wrench was used to wiggle the camshafts while fitting the belt. It looks like a burr from casting/machining.

Also, it was tough to fit the belt around all the pieces. So I installed the geared idler pulley second to last by rolling it along the belt into place. Last idler pulley to install was the #1 idler pulley (located between right camshaft and geared idler pulley) and I pushing up the belt from under the car while moving the pulley into place. My Haynes book labeled that as #1.

Hope this saves someone some skin.
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Don't forget the hydrogen peroxide.

I'll give you a little tip I figured out long ago. If it comes around and you are working on your car and cut yourself, and the engine has to be warm for it to work, put the cut down on the heated radiator hose to cauterize the wound. Works quick and go right back to what you were doing. No sliding bandage, no duct tape, and you won't have to wear gloves that hinder grip. It works. I have scars to prove it.

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Excellent. I'm about to tackle this myself this or next weekend on my 05 XT. I bought mechanics gloves after watching the youtube videos of the shock change out that I did a year ago, and realized everyone wears gloves, and I was tired of the cuts all over my hands. I am very happy to have them!

Which online sources did you use? Any other tips?

The believe the FSM gives a similar description on getting the timing belt on. There is one idler that you put on last after the belt is in place. I can't remember which one but I'll look it up again when I get to it.

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I used the site below for the video and searched our Forums too.
Seattle Subaru Timing Belt Done Right. - Seattle Subaru Repair

Search this site for tricks to prevent the engine from turning while wrenching on the harmonic balancer. There's a hole and rubber plug (non-turbo) located below what I guessed as the throttle position sensor. A large screwdriver stuck in the hole prevented engine rotation. Sorry I have no pictures, there's some good pictures on this site.

Good luck with your belt.
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