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2005 OBXT Limited, VF37, STI intake, 5MT
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Hi All. I just picked up an 06 Outback non turbo with a 5 speed pretty cheap, knowing it needed a bit of work. Its got 195k and it looks like 4th gear synchro is on its way out. Grinds going into gear every time unless I rev match perfectly.

I just want to confirm any Outback 5 speed from 05-09 will work. I found a thread showing the 5th gear ratio is slightly different on the 08-09 but final drive is the same (4.11). I believe they should all fit and used the same style clutch but just want to confirm.

I believe you are correct, but the FSM is the place to turn for ratio information.

But grinding going into every gear doesn't sound like a trans issue (unless the previous owner didn't use the clutch at ALL). Will it still grind if you double-clutch? Is it smooth/easy to get into 1st at a stop light?
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