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06 rear wiper dead, wiring harness diagrams?

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im pretty sure my rear wiper motor is dead but i want to test the wiring first, i know ive seen in multiple threads a link to the rear wiring diagram but now im having issues finding it, sifting through the pages and using the search bar, i feel bad for asking cause i know its here but could somebody please direct me to it? thank you in advance
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Did it seem to get slower and slower as time went by? Could just be it needs to be taken off, taken apart, and the shaft lubed.
Power to motor with no motion consistent with a bound-up (but repairable) wiper arm shaft.
I think it's the same as the front wipers-
the wiper motor always gets +12V when the key is on, so they will return to the park position, and switching of the motor on and off is done by connecting the ground lead to ground (or not).

Intermittent wipes are done by briefly grounding the ground line, for less time than it takes for a full wipe, then allowing the park mechanism to take over.
I'm probably thinking a bit too old-school, back in the day of vacuum-tube intermittent wipers... but the park mechanism is in the wiper motor, so the pulse will definitely be less than a cycle.
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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