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my wife had major issues with her 06 xt. she bought it used "subaru certified" with 32k.15 months ago the turbo blew the first ate two more before the block went kaput. the car has 65k and all this has happend within 500 miles of the original turbo blowing. all the work was done at subaru with the exception of the first replacement turbo.(ase cert. shop) blame was spread, denied and fighting ensued. i was not willing to pay out of pocket for the engine. i told the dealer i wanted them to eat the cost of the motor as they assured there was no internal damage when they replaced the turbo. Really at this point we wanted out of the car. the legacy wasnt in perfect shape ( it is an OUTBACK)and had a mark against it on carfax for a minor bumper scrape a hit and run driver caused. what she ended up with today...15 months a new 13 impreza with an out of pocket cost of 8900$. (plus tax) im not exaggerating when i say that is OVER 50% off sticker. all i can say is never give up against the big guy when you know youre right. they were trying to screw us. it took 30-40 hours of my life on the phone and never backing down with the facts.

never lose your cool, you will win.;)

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