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'08 brake upgrade

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My biggest complaint with my '08 2.5i 5spd is how crappy the brakes are when coming to a hard stop, for one reason or another. What are my options when it comes to upgrading? Something simple as upgrading brake pads or a full XT conversion? I done a little research but I guess I'm looking for advice from member who have done something to their 3rd gen.
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Yeah the LGT front swap is very easy. You just need calipers, brackets, pads & rotors from an LGT.

Another resurrection...

At 60,000 I'm getting a vibration in the brakes, so I want to go straight to LGT brakes.

Are the calipers really different, or is it just the rotors and brackets that need to be changed?

I only ask because when I upgrade my Impreza to WRX-spec brakes, I only needed rotors and brackets (the calipers were exactly the same).
is the vibration the reason you want to upgrade?

ANY brakes can have uneven pad deposition and vibrate.
I'd like more fade-free braking performance, anyway... We load this car to the gills (with HD rear springs) and drive in the mountains to go camping, and I tow sometimes.

I know that I could attempt to solve the vibration issue by having the rotors turned, but since they're original, I think I've gotten my use out of them...
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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