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'08 brake upgrade

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My biggest complaint with my '08 2.5i 5spd is how crappy the brakes are when coming to a hard stop, for one reason or another. What are my options when it comes to upgrading? Something simple as upgrading brake pads or a full XT conversion? I done a little research but I guess I'm looking for advice from member who have done something to their 3rd gen.
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It's very easy. Just go on Rock Auto and order Legacy GT Calipers front and rear and of course get rotors and pads. Everything will just bolt right up. Then you can send back your old calipers for a core refund, so it ends up the calipers are only like $50 each.

All the parts cost is like around $500 (after core refund)
Has anyone done this? I can save money by buying these parts used, but buying them from Rock Auto (or similar) will get me parts that have known good seals and proper lubrication (ready to bolt on, don't have to rebuild). From Rock Auto's policy on cores it states "Cores must be complete, rebuildable, fit the same vehicle application and be returned in the box the remanufactured part came in."
Thank you both for the quick response. I think I will just go with some used ones then. At worst it is about $5.50 (seals and pin boots) per caliper to rebuild it. That plus a used caliper is still about $10 cheaper than a reman'd one, and I don't have to worry about a rejected core. These cars aren't that old and most likely I won't have to rebuild any calipers. I can put the money towards good rotors and pads.
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