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08 outback bumps in the nite

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Hello, I have driven subarus since the 90s but just recently got an outback. 200k on the car supposed 100k on engine replacement. YMMV or maybe my milage may vary on that issue. Regardless, it's in decent shape cosmetically with a few dings and scratches. During checkout drives I noticed a thump in the rear of the car when shifting, I only like manual transmissions. When I asked the mechanic he said it was NORMAL.... they think we're stupid. Maybe I am I bought it! I knew it would cost eventually but I didn't pay much for it.

I can make the thump go away by leaving the gas pedal alone till the clutch is all the way out. If you don't do that the noise is no where near subtle. If you stall the car it goes into a series or three more reciprocating thumps. That's the best way I can describe. It feels like there is a half inch of play in something that should have a few thousandths. I would venture a guess that some thing in the rear axel/differential or whatever it's called on these cars is pretty unhappy.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I for sure sounds like money going south. I'd just like to know what it is.