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08 Outback Limited - Clock / Trip Computer lighting

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I've noticed that the clock set buttons on my clock / trip console (towards the top of the central instrument set) do not illuminate at night. Not sure whether they should (the trip buttons opposite do). If they should, can anyone help with process of gaining access, please? I have had the whole unit out of the dash, but the feeds to the clock seem to be modular and I'm cautious about disassembly to locate any bulb involved.
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The clock set buttons on the multi-information display do not light up on my 07 (since new, so I doubt they were supposed to be lit). Only the button (DISP) that changes what the display indicates (mpg, elapsed time, outside temp etc) is lit (along with other controls such as heater and radio) when the headlight switch is turned on.

(See attached.)


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