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'08 XT making a few strange sounds...

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We've been hearing a few rattles lately while driving our '08 XT - like it could be something loose in the exhaust, close to the engine compartment, or just aft of it. We did a lot of driving this holiday weekend - CT to VT, then CT to NYC, and I think it's worsened. When on the highway it sounds a bit like engine pinging, and I was worried I wasn't running high enough octane gas since I sometimes use 91 rather than 92 or 93, but I realized that's not what it is. It sounds almost like a bunch of ticking/clicking sounds are coming from the dashboard, or under the car in that general area. Before I call the dealership to have it checked, I wondered if any of you have had similar experiences? FYI - car has ~69K miles.
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