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I am hearing a whir, whir, whir noise from the passenger front wheel. Axles have 15-20K miles on them, brand new tires. Thought the tires would solve the issue. They didn't. Here are the details:

A. When does the sound happen?

Under moderate acceleration, with it seeming to be louder in a left hand turn. It also seems louder when the suspension becomes unloaded, like over a rise in the road.

B. Where does the sound come from?

Everyone that rides or drives the car says it is the front passenger side wheel.

C. Does the sound vary with some condition?

The frequency of the whir, whir, whir noise is dependent on wheel RPM. Faster you go, the higher the frequency.

D. Is there a vibration associated with the noise?

No vibrations noticed.

E. Does it affect drive-ability? how? (Essay question, 2500 words or less)

Nope, doesn't affect drive-ability. Just want to know if it's the axle going bad again, or the bearing.

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^^^ another possibility is a bent dust shield rubbing on the rotor.
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