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11044AA770 OR SET of 2, Genuine Subaru MLS Head Gasket For 2002-2005 Impreza, WRX EJ205 TURBO | eBay

Fit 06-12 Subaru Impreza 2.5L SOHC Mitsuboshi Timing Belt NPW Water Pump EJ253 | eBay NPW is a Japanese manufacturer

Valve seals, valve cover gaskets, tube seals, intake and exhaust gaskets - I recommend you get them from Subaru or use Mahle or Beck Arnley. One reason is fitment. Second is product design. For instance the exhaust manifold gasket from FelPro is a coated aluminum sheet where the other 3 manufacturers design the gasket with a compression ring for the ports. FelPro intake gaskets are too long and do not fit the guide pins proper which makes the gasket bow up in the middle and will create a vacuum leak when you torque the manifold down. The cam and oil pump/crank seals from FelPro do not fit as tight as the OEM style and the valve cover gasket is always too small.

You could probably find a HG kit online that has quality seals and gaskets. Just stay away from FelPro. Trust me.

A timing cover would run about $45 from Subaru.

As for the oil in the combustion chamber - Your PCV valve is probably restricted. This allows for higher crankcase pressures and the oil gets past the rings easily. Clean or replace the PCV valve, clean the intake out, clean the throttle body, check the EGR ports for carbon build up and clean the carbon from the top of the pistons. That carbon in the combustion is what assist in creating detonation which means the fueling for the car is changed and adds to the carbon.

I suggest Royal Purple. 2 reasons - 1. It's a great synthetic and you can run 5-10k miles interval as long as you change the filter every 5k and keep it full. 2. You won't be adding much oil between changes. Every one of my Subies runs 5W30 RP and not one of them is using oil, (the Impreza is leaking it but I don't drive it much - waiting on time to pull the engine and repair it). Years back I put up a poll on oil consumption vs brand and it seemed like Mobil1 was the biggest loser. I think Valvoline had good results. Either way, using synthetic is actually lower cost over time for oil changes and maintenance cost, like carbon build up and wear.

Make sure you have the gap set proper on the belt guide above the crank gear. All that shredding of the belt is probably from long term contact with the guide.

Make sure the cooling system is burped good. When the cooling system is air free, do a throttle relearn after it's cooled down and sat for a few hours; takes about 25 minutes. You can Google it or search YouTube.

Otherwise you have a good grasp on it.

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Picked up the first batch of parts I was going to originally need. All genuine suabru from the dealer, except for oem mitsuboshi belt kit from six star bernie. Went with the 11044AA642 gaskets, and they look like a perfect fit.

Just placed second order of valves and seals and such to suabru. I did get a new PCV valve which was just going to be replaced anyway.

I'll try that oil. I was using mobil 1 for a while which is when I noticed the consumption issues which makes sense based on your poll. I switched back to dino and never looked back, so I'm interested to see how it runs with essentially an entire rebuilt top end.

When I did the gates kit I just used that little plastic guide to install timing belt guide and never bothered to check the gap to my manual so i'll be sure to do that this time.
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