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Hey errybody, new to the site.
My Impreza is coming along, 2" lift on its way as I type, but I've got a real head scratcher here wondering of anyone has at least heard of something similar.

Just picked it up from a small dealership, great shape, runs great drives great. I take it on the hwy for a good hour and when I hop off, sounded like a CV shaft was catching. No biggie, it's an 09 with 105k and brand new head gasket + timing belt assembly, and they gave me new brakes! I changed the axle first chance I got, no big deal.
(Sorry for length)
Couple weeks go by, end up taking it on the hwy (70ish mph) again for about 45 minutes, now it sounds like the other axle was catching. I changes that one that afternoon, topped off the gear oil.

Again, I take it on the hwy for an extended period and it was catching like a *******, the front end. Stop some place for dinner, get back in the car after about an hour and no clicking, no matter how hard turning the wheel. After getting off the hwy again headed home there was a little clicking while turning

Long story short, it seems to bother after it's heated up a good deal and settles back down after cooling off. A buddy of mine mentioned front differential, and I tried running it on the hwy with traction control off (not sure why I have it in the first place with w 5 speed AWD) and that did seem to help.. Thank you for getting thru that novel

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Not sure what the problem is BUT if you are using aftermarket (not genuine Subaru) CV shafts they are known to cause all sorts of problems including vibrations and noises etc.

It is usually better to get second hand genuine CV shafts from an auto wrecker than buying cheap aftermarket CV shafts.

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