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So my 09 Outback was low on oil at 58,800 miles and the oil was very dirty; at the preceding oil change - 55,500 - the tech said she was a quart low, oil was dirty and looks like she's burning oil. Anyone with similar problems? Time to trade her in? Is this a valve issue?

It certainly can't be normal and since I changed the tires (Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus) and the drive belts, my fuel consumption has dropped about 8 - 10 mpg w/o exaggeration.

Thoughts, folks?

Thanks and regards.

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Are you getting blue smoke out the tailpipe at initial start up after sitting?

Have you cleaned the PCV valve?

What kind of oil are you using?

Is it and XT?

Are there spots on your drive? Any oil on the bottom of the engine?
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