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My 09 Outback Wagon is leaking fuel in front of the driver's side rear wheel. I took the back seat out and then peeled the grommet up where the metal fuel lines go out of the cabin, underneath the driver's side rear seat. What I found is the lines are badly corroded where they meet the rubber lines, and one of them is leaking.

There isn't enough line below the grommet to make a repair outside of the car, so I think I need to replace the entire line. I traced it up the driver's side of the car, and removed most of the obstructions under the dash on the driver's side, so I can see where the lines go out of the cabin and into the engine compartment.

The line is pretty long and the grommet on the firewall is going to be hard to access, since the brake booster is blocking it. Has anyone every replaced their fuel line? Do I need to remove the brake booster? Do you remove the line out through the engine compartment, or do you remove the grommet on the firewall and pull the line out into the interior of the car?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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