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11 new to me, car stalling

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2011 new to me, car stalling

I recently purchased a 2011 outback with a clean car fax and supposedly dealer maintained and the car has been fine but it has stalled on occasion. It stalls when I come to a stop and starts back up with no problem. Twice it has stalled when I have stopped heading up a steep hill. Could this be fuel related??
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might be transmission related.

and this is part of the CVT extended 100,000 mile warranty. (on 2010-2015)

how many miles you got?

(edit: and is this a 2.5 with CVT,...or a 3.6 with 5EAT)

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You should be covered for an extra year. I'd take it in and have them take a look. Sounds like torque converter lockup which there is a TSB for anyway before they even extended the warranty. I got my TC replaced due to this same thing happening back in July. My OB is at about 109K.

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Thanks for all of the feedback. It was in fact the TC. SoA is stepping up and paying for a 4 day rental car as well as parts & labor. The part is already in and the work gets done tomorrow! Go Subaru!
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