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just traded my 12 Impreza for an Outback. Best decision I've made in the transportation realm. I have searched for the answer to this for a couple days, and asked my dealer. No one seems to have an answer.
How does one with a push button start 2013 Outback with the Special Appearance Package disable the beep when locking the doors.

Previous models had a sequence:

Audible Chirp when locking/unlocking give you an audible signal when the doors lock and unlock. If desired, you may turn the audible signal off.
Do the following to deactivate the audible signal. You can also use the same steps to restore the function.
1. Sit in the driver’s seat and shut all doors and the rear gate.
2. Hold down the UNLOCK side of the power door locking switch.
3. While holding down the “UNLOCK” side of the power door locking switch, pull the key out and re-insert it into the ignition switch at least 6 times within 10 seconds
after Step 2.
4. Open and close the driver’s door once within 10 seconds after Step 3.
5. The turn signal lights flash 3 times to indicate completion of the setting.
copied from:
Subaru Keyless Entry, Security Alarm, Immobilizer Key, Remote Start Systems. Most years and models

Thanks, and this is my first post, so be gentle

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2013 White Outback 2.5 Special Appearance Package
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I was wondering about this. but had already been guessing this would prob be something the dealer/ service guys would have to shut off.. and prob charge us for :28:

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I agree the method wouldnt work with the push button start you could always ask the dealer service department if it can be done.


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'13 OBW SAP 3.6R
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This can be done and it was done by my dealer on my OB at my request but turned right back on. There was no charge for the service.

The reason I turned it back on is the manual alludes it is possible to turn off the beep for keyless entry by holding the door handle with fob in pocket (SAP equipped) and leave it on when you lock/unlock the doors by physically pressing a key on the fob. I thought it would be nice to have audible feedback when I press the key on the fob cause the car might not be in view like in the garage so the beep will confirm it did lock. When I am standing at the door I would just like to have the lights cause I can hear the door unlock as I am right there literally.

They are unable it seems to separate the two and are supposed to get back to me after consulting with HQ or whomever.

I'll post the page in a bit.

Edit: Here's the link. Notice how it separates Keyless Entry (fob in pocket SAP equipped) and Remote Keyless Entry (pressing button on fob). Is it just me or are those actually 2 separate settings?

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If you have a Limited some of these options are available from the in-dash menu.

I wish they all were available - not sure why only a select few are...:28:


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