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1996 Legacy Outback engine swap issue

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So I just finished swapping a 2.2 out of a 1998 Legacy wagon into my 1996 Legacy outback that had the 2.5 and was overheating. I swapped the entire engine/ tranny and exhaust over as I had 1998 as a donor. The problem I am having now is I keep getting a check engine code for the evap system. The 96 had the canister in the front passenger corner (which is unhooked right now) and the 98 donor car had the charcoal in the rear by the gas tank. Is there an easy way to make these systems work together?
Also after the swap I had severe binding issues until I put in the FWD only fuse. Both cars were automatics, were there different rear-end drive ratio's available and how can I tell which one I have. The 98 is available to donate the rear end if necessary but I'm trying to get it on the road as quick as possible right now.
Thanks for any help.
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the 96 outback auto has a 4.44 final drive ratio.
the 98 leagcy L auto has a 4.11 ratio. swap the rear diff and you will be good.

the easiest solution, not the cheapest is to replace the 98 intake with a 95 - 97 intake w/ egr (usually an auto trans car). this will give you the plumbing up front that you need for your charcoal canister.

another possibility , and i'm not even sure this will work, but i think it will, is to swap the metal fuel lines from the ej25 intake manifold on to the ej22 intake. the fuel lines that the connect to the metal lines on the intake run to the injectors and the charcoal canister, maybe more. swapping them will give you what you need, if they will swap.

and lastly, maybe just run 2 hoses from the charcoal canister to the ''vent'' hose next to the fuel filter. (one of the 3 rubber lines connecting to the intake is used to ''return'' fuel vapor to the tank. maybe if you connect the canister ''inline'' it will cure the problem.) i can't figure out how it knows the canister is missing since there are no wires going to it.
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