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Legacy Outback 2.5 liter automatic.

I am getting a grinding noise while inside the car. You can only hear it in the front 2 seats normally. It gets louder the farther you lean toward the dashboard.

We have tried everything and can not hear it from the outside of the car.

The grinding noise does not appear when the car parked and gas is given in neutral. Only when in drive.

Tests done so far:

1) parked, put in neutral and gave gas - No grinding noise
(Not the engine, air conditioning, etc)

2) coasted down hill with car off - grinding noise still present
(thinking mechanical: bearings, plates rubbing, bolts grinding?)

3) Put it in front wheel drive mode - grinding nose still present

4) Jacked up front wheels off ground, put in front wheel drive mode, stuck it in drive and ran it - Noise still present
(drive shaft not spinning has to be in the front)

5) Stopped left wheel from spinning while off ground - noise still present
(Not axle or brakes on left)

6) Stopped right wheel from spinning while off ground - noise still present
(Not axle or brakes on right)

I am hoping it is not the transmission. We can only hear the noise when inside even when the car is off the ground. The fluids are good.

Are there any plates that will warp and grind and only be heard from the inside, maybe a loose bolt will cause grinding?

It gets the loudest after swapping gears then goes away for the first 3 gears. I don't hear it in 4th gear, It is constant while going fast on the highway in 5th gear.

If it is the transmission what part of it would be causing this?
If it is a plate rubbing against something where would it be?

Anyone have this problem before?
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