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96 Legacy OBW, EJ22 swap, 2" suspension lift, 215/75r15, HIDs, 06 WRX interior swap
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Why not just retime it and tighten the crank pulley, clean out the IAC and see of that fixes it before a full disassembly? I personally would start there. Cheapest thing you could do.

But yes as long as you get one with egr if you have egr (like canabaru asked) or if you don't have egr then either works. But yes direct bolt in. And has the better timing belt tensioner. I had a 98 bottom end in my 96 when I bought it. I would reuse your intake manifold so the charcoal canister hooks up with ease. 98s are in the back by the gas tank.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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