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97 Subaru Outback. 2.5 engine. Automatic transmission. 231,000 miles. It is a lot of miles but don't let that scare you off. I am the second owner and the car has been well maintained and is in pretty good shape. There is one dent on the left front fender and some scratches on the outside. There are no rips on the interior and it is in good shape. It has the cold weather package with block heater, heated seats and heated mirrors. It is great in the snow and I also have a set of steel wheels with studded snow tires for it. It has the tow package. Hella fog lights. CD player with auxilary input. As well as all of the other standard power options and A/C. The car is running well although it has recently had some signs of the head gasket issue. I am still driving it with no problems but the temp guage has spiked 2 times which I have read is an indicator of the early stages of head gasket failure.
I am open to trades and offers including 4x4 trucks van camper vanagon etc.

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