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I just finished pulling out and reinstalling my 1998 EJ25 engine; Main problem was faulty head gaskets. The engine has 214,000 miles. I bought it used for a little too much. While I had the engine out, I did the clutch, timing kit, seals, etc.

So I reassembled everything, and it fired up first go. !!! Now all that is left is to get the fans started.

Things I know:
Both fans worked just before I pulled the engine. I had it idling a few sessions trying to avoid the HG diagnosis.
I took off both fans and jumped them directly with the battery. they work well still.
I checked the fuses, but I have not checked the relays.
It seems I may have reconnected the harness wrong, or a ground wire. I cant find proof of that, but I am guessing so by process of elimination.

My Haynes manual says the fans will not work without the radiator to chassis ground wire well connected. What ground wire? Where do I find that?

Sleepless in California
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